On Tuesday this week, over 200 business leaders and HR professionals gathered in Brisbane for the Psychology of Change seminar presented by Cameron Nott, psychologist and Managing Director of the Myers-Briggs Company. Managing change was rated by attendees as the number one challenge facing organisations in Brisbane, and on average they reported only a moderate capability in being able to respond to this challenge.

This gap between challenge and capability reflects similar research from Deloitte, Gallup and LinkedIn. Managing change, raising leaders and developing teams are now top priorities for those who understand that the old ways of doing business no longer work.

We need to understand how people deal with change in different ways. We need to recognise and value different patterns of human behaviour so we can help people use their strengths when responding to, leading and implementing change.

Thank you to Katlyn Duchow for the Brisbane stats. Click here to register for the next Brisbane seminar is on 19 Feb 2019.

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