Bruce Williams

Speaker ׀ Facilitator ׀ Trainer ׀ Coach

Hi, my name's Bruce Williams, owner of Easy Teams. My speciality is helping people grow leadership capacity and high-performing teams. I love helping people understand how other people tick so they can work together with less stress and more "Yes!"

What would your day be like if you were free to get on with business instead of putting out fires and dealing with personality clashes, conflict and miscommunication?

Imagine if your team were skilled at managing their own interpersonal differences. Imagine a positive, collaborative culture where everyone is relaxed, resilient and productive. Imagine your emerging leaders taking action with confidence, clarity and impact.

Take the mystery out of managing people. Transform tension into teamwork. Convert conflict into communication. Whether you are an enterprise CEO or a small business owner with a leadership team of one, I have a training solution for you and your team.

With a focus on leadership growth and team dynamics, I've been delivering adult education, coaching and professional development programs for almost 4 decades.  I am a certified practitioner for MBTI, FIRO-B, EQi2.0, Strongs, TKI and EQ360, and a part-time academic with The University of the Sunshine Coast.

I've worked with businesses, government, non-profits, chambers of commerce, universities, schools, and community groups. I love helping people create a profound sense of personal identity, a keen sense of purpose and a rich appreciation of diversity and inclusion.

I serve on the University of the Sunshine Coast Foundation Board, I'm a founding member of The USC 1996 Society,  spokesperson for the USC Starfish Program, and Chair of Judges for the annual Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with my wife, Jeanette. We’ve been married for 40 years, and have four wonderful daughters and five beautiful grandkids. We love spending time in nature, especially at the beach and hiking in our local rainforests.