Smart Conflict

'Conflict is the beginning of consciousness.' ~ M. Esther Harding

Practical 2hr Workshop

Smart Leaders know conflict can negatively affect productivity, decision making and retention. By resolving conflicts more effectively, we can strengthen our organisations and improve results. By making conflict management a core competency, we create a satisfying and productive work environment and foster a more relaxed and inclusive culture.

Conflict literacy is a simple way to develop a common language that helps people think and communicate clearly about conflict. It’s a way to see opportunities to accept differing viewpoints, enhance communication, and improve productivity, team cohesion and retention. Conflict literacy gives Smart Leaders confidence to navigate with grace and skill the tensions and disagreements that are inevitable in organisations, groups and teams.

In this interactive presentation you will discover:

  • Why conflict is a good problem to have
  • What is conflict literacy
  • How to use conflict literacy to grow and develop your team

You will walk away with practical tips and tools about conflict literacy and how to:

  • Get comfortable with discomfort
  • Reframe conflict as opportunity
  • Covert conflict into communication
  • Generate courageous conversations
  • Bounce back and build resilience
  • Create a healthy culture of productive tension

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