Courageous Conversations

'The conversation is not about the relationship, the conversation IS the relationship.' ~ Susan Scott

Keynote, Workshop or Webinar

Master the art of courageous conversations. Use open, transparent dialogue as a powerful problem-solving resource. The perfect way to grow confident, high-performing teams.

You'll discover:

  • How courageous conversations save you energy, time and money
  • How to build trust through transparency and open communication
  • The 5 courageous conversations every leader needs to master

You'll walk away with practical tips on how to:

  • Confront tough issues with confidence and skill
  • Enrich relationships through honest, respectful discussion
  • Use the best frame for any conversation
  • Provide the right encouragement for action or change
  • Learn more with the right clarifying questions
  • Stimulate self-generated insights and curiosity
  • Empower people to discover their own development path
  • Foster an open and resilient culture