Opportunity very often comes dressed in overalls and looks a lot like work ~ Anon

On any quest to turn opportunities into outcomes there are three recognisable phases.

First, there’s the A Zone. ‘Ah-ha!’ moments of inspiration. Action is easy and natural. Motivation flows like warm honey. Adrenaline buzzing in the veins. Halo effect of new beginnings. Everything is gift-wrapped in a cosy soft glow of dopamine. Such a great space. Nothing can stop us now!

And at the finish, it’s the C Zone. Completion. Work is done, challenges met, mission accomplished, the big reveal. Cut the ribbon, raise the curtain, hit the lights, pop the champagne… “Ta-da!” Time for celebration.

But between A and C, there’s always a B.

The B Zone is my least favourite place, even though I know this is where all the good stuff happens and where all the real work gets done – on me and for me as much as by me. I try and avoid it, yet it always turns up. It’s inevitable.

The trip from ‘Ah-ha!’ to ‘Ta-da!’ usually means going through ‘blah’.

Blah is where inspiration runs out of puff. Every inspiration has an expiration, and it’s a short ride from there to quiet desperation. It’s the B Zone where we need to add perspiration to our inspiration if we want to make it to our destination.

The B Zone is not a place to stop. We can pivot or persist, adapt, adjust, switch lanes, change gears or just knuckle down and keep on going. Sometimes what it takes to achieve the extraordinary is to simply to do extra of the ordinary.

Mastery is forged in the furnace of the mundane.

When we’re in the B Zone, that’s the time to remind ourselves, “Remember why you started…”

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