Emotions and Motivations

'It’s not what happens, but how we react to it that matters' ~  Epictetus

Practical 2hr Workshop

Smart leaders have emotional intelligence. They understand people. Smart leaders know how to work well with others, manage stress, make effective decisions and inspire others to positive action. In this interactive presentation you will discover:

  • What is emotional intelligence
  • How to grow it
  • How to use it

You will walk away with practical tips and tools about how to:

  • Be more self-aware and enhance relationships
  • Recognise and manage emotional influences in behaviour
  • Be a more authentic leader
  • Foster trust and a positive work culture
  • Facilitate difficult conversations with confidence
  • Balance empathy and assertiveness
  • Make better decisions and reduce stress

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This workshop is also available through the University of the Sunshine Coast as a continuing education short course for community and special interest groups. Please contact Julie Hobbins, Manager for Community Engagement.