Culture is the way things work around here. Engagement is the way we FEEL about the way things work around here.

When engagement is low, the flow-on effects weaken your brand, erode customer confidence and white-ant your bottom line.

Engagement is your company’s immune system. When your immune system is depleted, your business is vulnerable – both from within and without.

Strong engagement is a vital competitive advantage – not only to grow your business, but also to attract and retain great talent.

Gallup, Deloitte, US, UK and Australia governments regularly analyse and report on workplace engagement. The findings have not changed for decades. There are three simple keys that inspire people to engage:

  • I find meaning and purpose in my work
  • I feel my contribution is valued
  • I feel set up for success

Engaged employees use discretionary effort to go above and beyond their normal job requirements without being asked to do so. They do this because they’re invested emotionally, and they genuinely care about the company. This makes for happier customers, better business results, and a stronger, more vibrant brand.

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