Culture is your company’s operating system. Engagement is the user experience. When the user experience is a poor one, people stop caring about your business.

3 simple ways you can boost engagement:

  1. Be a coach not a manager.
    Help people contribute is ways that are meaningful to THEM. Identify their unique skills and talents – what they LOVE to do. Help them improve, give them opportunities to shine, to master and share what lights them up on the inside.
  2. Listen and take action.
    Tap your team’s hands-on experience. Value their ideas. Ask for and action their feedback. It can be as simple as asking “How happy are you at work and what can we do about it?”
  3. Help people succeed.
    Tools, training and resources are just a start. Create a safe place for people to learn and grow from mistakes. Teach people how to deal with workplace “undiscussables” like conflict, stress, criticism and disagreements. Foster a growth mindset and celebrate the successes of others.

Engagement is a contact sport. It’s about personal connections and conversations. It’s coaching and listening and helping other people succeed.

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