Personal Values Self-Assessment

'The will to be oneself, is heroism' ~ Jose Ortega Y Gasset

Download the Values Self-Assessment to identify your personal values.

Your personal values are what make you unique and enable you to see life differently, bring fresh perspective, challenge the status quo, innovate, and create in new ways. Your personal values are the intrinsic motivators that allow you to fully mobilise your distinctive gifts in original ways. The more we understand our personal values, the easier it is to appreciate and accept ourselves for who we are. To live authentically and be true to ourselves, rather than conform to external pressures or others’ expectations.

The more we understand other people’s values, the easier it is to appreciate and accept them for who they are. We no longer seek to change them to conform to our expectation of who we want them to be.

We can spot our values very quickly just be observing what we do with our time, money and energy. As Gandhi pointed out, ‘Our actions express our priorities’. Our life demonstrates our values. To understand our values, all we need to do is pay attention to how we live. Not what we SAY we’re going to do, but what we ACTUALLY do.

To identify your values simply download the free Values Self-Assessment.