Pru Hansen

GM Outdoor Adventure Australia

Pru is a natural adventurer who loves getting out and exploring at every chance whether it be hiking, camping, snowboarding….or any other adventure thrown her way she will certainly give it a go. With experience within both Australia and overseas, Pru now happily calls the Sunshine Coast home and brings both her travel experience and learnt skills to Outdoor Adventure Australia.

With a Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Ad.Dip Naturopathy and a qualified massage therapist Pru will help ensure your body holds up to the best as possible.

Many of Outdoor Adventure Australia's amazing experiences are challenging, especially if you're not fully prepared.  Hence an expert in the fields of body motion and nutrition is a huge advantage as Pru will help reduce the chance of those pesky body aches becoming the difference between absolutely loving the adventure and...well...struggling.

Pru can help with stretching, warm ups/cool downs and of course ensuring adequate and appropriate food intake for the activity to maintain energy levels.

Pru has also undertaken training at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) whilst training for her black belt in Karate.