Smart Leadership

When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’ ~ Lao Tzu

10 x Practical 2hr Workshops

Smart Leadership is perfect for people who want to grow their leadership skills quickly, simply, and practically. These short courses are packed with hands-on experiences and real-world applications.

  • Ten essential skills for smart leaders
  • Short, practical 2hr workshops
  • Complete as many workshops as you need
  • Complete workshops in any order

Also available as keynotes, one- or two-day seminars.

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These workshops are also available through the University of the Sunshine Coast as a continuing education short courses for community and special interest groups. Please contact Julie Hobbins, Manager for Community Engagement.

Leading with Style

Smart Leaders know that leadership is a fluid practice. They know how to leverage their go-to leadership style. They’re also comfortable to flex and switch codes to fit alternative contexts. Smart Leaders regularly change and improve the ways they serve and direct their teams. Click HERE for more details.

Courageous Conversations

Smart Leaders know how to have courageous conversations. They know that open, transparent dialogue is a powerful problem-solving resource and a great way to grow confident, high-performing teams. . Click HERE for more details.

Confident Decision Making

Smart leaders know how to make decisions. They know how to choose the best way forward when faced with uncertainty, complexity, risk and alternative opinions.
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Time Management

Smart leaders know how to plan and control their day to effectively achieve their goals. They’re more relaxed, and get more done with less effort because they understand how to maximise return on investment of their energy and time.
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Tactical Communication

Smart leaders know how to communicate with anyone in any context. They have a toolkit of tactical communication skills and know how and when to apply them.
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Conflict Literacy

Smart leaders are confident. They know how to navigate with grace and skill the tensions and disagreements that are inevitable in groups and teams. Click HERE for more details.

Emotions and Motivations

Smart leaders have emotional intelligence and emotional integrity. They understand people. Smart leaders know how to work well with others, manage stress, make effective decisions and inspire others to positive action. Click HERE for more details.

Resilience and Self-Confidence

Smart Leaders know how and when to back themselves. Their self-belief gives them the quiet confidence they need to quickly bounce back when things don’t go their way. They are resilient in the face of new challenges and know how to support their teams through unexpected change and disruption.
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Strategic Doing

Smart leaders know how to plan their actions and action their plans. They are clear on their vision, mission, values and purpose. They set goals and measure progress.
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Natural Networking

Smart leaders know how to grow their networks.  They know how to be in the right place at the right time to turn connections and conversations into opportunities.
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