Strategic planning is dead. It’s a flat line. Too much time is wasted on thinking and theories. By the time we take action, the world has changed and the plan is irrelevant. As Susan Scott points out in her excellent book Fierce Conversations, “No plan ever survives a collision with reality”.

Strategic doing is deliberate and persistent daily action towards a desired outcome. All of nature follows this pattern – ebb and flow, tides and seasons, day and night. Strategic doing has a pulse, a heart beat. It’s an energy wave. It has momentum. It’s alive!

Strategic doing’s mantra echos that of the lean start-up, “Build, measure, learn”. Quick implementation of ideas that give immediate feedback so we can adjust and go again. We keep innovating, we keep improving, we keep growing. 

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, credits the massive success of his company to this one simple idea. It’s always Day One.

Day two is stasis. 

The Day One mindset lives by 4 key principles:

  • Be obsessed with the customer 
  • Focus on results over process 
  • Make high quality decisions quickly 
  • Embrace external trends quickly

Read more about the one day mindset HERE.

The Day One mindset is strategic doing in action. It’s about rapid response to feedback. Cycles of quick iteration, consistent improvement and immediate implementation. It’s action, feedback, new action.

Deliberate, consistent, daily action…

Often we wait for inspiration to motivate us. When in fact, we always already have all the inspiration we need. Every moment. Every day.

Inspire” literally means ”to breathe in”. It comes from the Latin in + spirare – into + spirit or breath.

If you’re breathing right now – you’re inspired!

But inspiration doesn’t last. 

We breathe in, we breathe out. The cycles keep going. That’s what keeps us alive.

If we don’t capture the inspiration of the moment it expires. 

If we don’t act on our inspiration it turns into expiration. And that just leads to desperation!

But if we add perspiration to our inspiration it leads us to our destination!

Take action, immediately, consistently, deliberately, today.

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