Saturday night shone a spotlight on 29 exceptional businesses at the 2018 Sunshine Coast Business Awards. An inspiring night. Made especially so by the way each award recipient demonstrated a key aspect of authentic leadership. That is, they all knew how to say thank you.

Shawn Achor, in his bestselling book “Big Potential: Five Secrets of Reaching Higher by Powering Those Around You”, states the most effective way to create a positive and engaged workforce is simply to share recognition and praise. True winners shine the light on the support system that make high performance possible.

Great leaders create a virtuous cycle of gratitude.

Each of the winners on Saturday night understood this. They saw their awards as a collective win. They redirected applause to their customers and clients. They thanked mentors, coaches, family and partners. They shone the spotlight on their teams, colleagues and collaborators. They recognised the Sunshine Coast’s uniquely supportive business ecosystem.

Cicero said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, it is the parent of all others”. As this year’s award winners demonstrated, gratitude is certainly the mark of a true leader.

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