The Strive Project

Three experienced specialists:

  • Julie Coulthard: promote your story with confidence
  • Bruce Williams: partner with others for greater impact
  • Robyn Pulman:  present clearly, concisely and compellingly

Hands on learning that's fun!

The Strive Project is an blend of three interactive presentations to educate and inspire you on how to present, partner and promote for impact.

This fun event is packed with meaningful and memorable moments to inspire you and your teams to "strive (verb) - to do one's best, spare no effort, exert oneself, take action".

Three experienced facilitators will share with you simple tips, tools and techniques you can apply immediately in your business.

Three clear, complementary messages that will leave you feeling energised and confident about the next steps to take to be your best and to grow.

Julie Coulthard

Public relations can be simple and easy.

Julie loves helping people share their story, develop their reputation amongst consumers, investors and grow their business impactfully.

Together, we plan and roll out your ‘stories’, introducing you to the key influencers in your world. With our guidance, you will attract the right attention with targeted messages aligned with your vision and business goals.

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Bruce Williams

Understand how other people tick so you can work together with less stress and more “yes!” Partner with exactly the right people to help you grow your business.

  • fast-track your people-skills
  • make connections quickly
  • create your perfect team 

With the right people around you, you're more relaxed, resilient and productive. With the right team, you can take action with confidence, clarity and impact. 

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Robyn Pulman

Your ability to speak for impact is essential to your success.

Robyn will help you speak clearly, concisely and compellingly in any situation.

Robyn will also guide you on:

  • making a great first and last impression
  • making every interaction a meaningful one
  • the art of networking

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Book Your Strive Project Today

The Strive Project is a fun and engaging way to:

  • improve your team's performance
  • grow leadership capacity
  • present, partner and promote for impact

Choose a timeframe to suit your needs.

  • 3 x 90 minute workshops
  • Half day seminar
  • Full day seminar

Include all three topics, choose any one, or a combination of two.

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