Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s CEO recently identified employers’ most searched-for skill on LinkedIn.

It’s not marketing, sales, entrepreneurship or innovation, and it’s not tech anything.

The number one search is for communication skills.

Great leaders and their teams know how to communicate with anyone in any context. New technologies are making the means of communication faster, simpler and easier. Despite this, the meaningfulness of communication is becoming more difficult to maintain. Immediate and constant multimedia connection, increased visibility and transparency, digital culture and social media distractions all make authentic communication a pressing challenge.

The more high-tech we become, the more high-touch we need to be. “As technology continues to infiltrate how we work, our human interaction skills need to be upgraded,” says Cheryl Cran, management coach and author of “The Art of Change Leadership.”

Genuine communication requires real person to person connections. Whether we’re explaining, directing, persuading, influencing, managing conflict or pitching an idea, it’s never been more important for leaders and their teams to develop an authentic communication skill set.

Click here to see the interview by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

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